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A Message From Our Local Hospitality Sector Ahead Of Next Week...

As venues now rush to finalise plans before reopening on the 4th July, please remember that not a single member of bar staff/waiting staff is suddenly an expert in disease control or politics.

So when 20 of you show up to finally go out on the lash after 3 months of lockdown, it's not the minimum wage barmaid's decision to tell you no, but she HAS to anyway. When 6 of you try to book a table because you've not seen your best mates for 3 months, it's not the manager's fault group sizes are limited so don't demand to see them and tell them they're wrong.

BoJo is again relying on the "common sense of the people" so PLEASE remember that when pubs aren't exactly how you remember them, or hoped they would be, we've all been in lockdown too. No, they can't just move some tables together. No, they can't turn a blind eye (you know, just this once). And no, a bad Trip Advisor review won't help.

Things will get back to normal, just not straight away. Please be patient with them and show some common sense.

Thanks in advance

Your loving hospitality sector

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