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Amazing 3D Mapping Show Coming To Southport

Brought to Sefton by the Borough of Culture, residents and visitors can enjoy a spectacular celebration of the Sefton Coastline.

Using the three sites of Waterloo Town Hall, Bootle Town Hall and The Atkinson, Southport, a trilogy of large scale video projections will be created on consecutive nights, each a chapter in an interwoven story that connects the coastal towns and people together, as part of the Borough of Culture programme.

The concept would be to bring together the spectacular nature, fauna and flora of the Sefton coastline, with its history and present day stories. As a space for tourists, day-trippers and families, blended with unique wildlife, nature reserves and the ever present sea. Each of the three projections would be a self contained chapter of a three part story, focussing on the particular aspects of that site, whilst linking outwards to Sefton and beyond. It would be a tale of magic and wonder, of myths and wondrous creatures, of ships and sailing, of peoples past and present.

Working with local experts and knowledge, the projections are anchored through following the journey of the Natterjack Toad - the endangered amphibian who lives in the Sefton dunes.  Known as the Birkdale Nightingale because of its extraordinary night time song, it becomes the character we follow , symbolising the growth and transition through ever changing stages of egg, tadpole, and toad - three chapters set across the three locations. 

The journey will take us through through time and space, on boats and over dunes, through war time and summer sandcastles. Be sure to experience these beautiful celebratory events built around storytelling, with children and families in mind, but inspiring for all.

This is what a 3D mapping show looks like...

Fore more info head to Sefton Councils Facebook event page


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