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BREAKING: First NEW Attraction at Pleasureland Announced

An exciting new Viking-themed attraction is coming to Southport Pleasureland and owner Norman Wallis says it will be unlike anything ever seen in the UK.

Speaking on the Live@5 show on Sandgrounder Radio with Andrew Bown and Andrew Hilbert, Mr Wallis said: “We are talking about big changes. We are moving forwards. We have some very big plans for Southport Pleasureland.

“We are building an American-style adventure golf, which will be themed around Vikings. “This is a Viking area - Formby, Ormskirk, Scarisbrick, all around this region is heavily Viking. I believe that there are a number of people called Rimmer in the area and I have been told that this comes from two strains of Viking. Some experts have told me that there is such a strong wealth of archaeological finds in the area.”

(American Style Viking Themed Golf course USA)

Building work on the new attraction is due to begin soon, with visitors in line to enjoy something really special.

This will be among the first phases of the multi-million pound transformation of Southport Pleasureland, after Mr Wallis and Sefton Council signed a strategic partnership. The agreement creates a longer tenure, the ability to expand onto neighbouring Princes Park and the possibility of building more new rides and attractions.

(American Style Jungle Themed Golf course USA)

An estimated thousand new jobs will eventually be created over the next decade, bringing in an extra £25million to the Southport economy every year.

The new Viking -themed adventure golf is set to be the first of several new attractions at Southport Pleasureland over the coming years.

(American Style Jungle Themed Golf course USA)

Mr Wallis said: “This won’t be like anything anyone has ever seen in this country before. “It will be highly themed. We will have an axe house food and beverage style operation, a heavily themed Viking village, and we are planning that now.

“All the drawings, visuals and CAD drawings are being done. “We are hoping to have it operational in the not too distant future.” The new attraction promises to have a substantial impact on visitor numbers not just for Southport Pleasureland, but also for the town and other local businesses as well. Mr Wallis said: “What this does is it gives us something to promote. We need something to promote in the town.

“We have got to do things that are different to anywhere else. “I do know that they have adventure golf in other places, but it is not what you do, but the way that you do it.

“This is going to be a bit special and it is going to be different from anywhere else. “I have been working on this for the past five years but now we are not too far from breaking ground (and building it).”

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Southport Pleasureland is currently advertising a number of important new roles for the 2020 season: Food, Beverage and Retail Manager, Housekeeping Supervisor, Ride Supervisor, Maintenance Fitters, and Gardener.

Words - Andrew Brown


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