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Camelot Theme Park To Be Re-Opened as Zombie Experience

Camelot is back!

The iconic Camelot Theme Park is reopening as a terrifyingly immersive zombie cinema experience.

Despite its overwhelming success throughout the years, the owners of Lancashire’s Camelot Theme Park closed the park down for good in 2012, putting bad weather and large events like the Olympics to blame for dwindling visitor numbers.

For a decade the medieval-themed park has stood eerily abandoned, with statues slowly crumbling and old buildings and rides falling victim to vandalism and graffiti.

But now, the park is getting a new – and somewhat sinister – lease of life.

The brains behind Manchester’s Park N Party Drive In Cinema are launching Camelot Rises, a terrifying film event with real-life zombies, all set within the grounds of the abandoned theme park.

The interactive zombie experience features a whole display of lights, sounds and live actors, all of which will make you truly believe to be in the thick of a zombie apocalypse.

Movies on the bill include classics such as The Hills Have Eyes, The Crazies, A Quiet Place, Evil Dead 2013, 28 Days Later and Get Out.

The event’s official description reads: “Something deadly has destroyed the legendary world of Camelot… Now overrun by zombies hungry for human flesh.

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