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Get a taste of South East Asia in Birkdale Village!

Explore South East flavours, amazing sharing plates, perfect pizza and more at Rumah Birkdale, the Bali-inspired bar and kitchen that’s getting everyone talking. 

What do you get when you combine Asian-inspired small plates, cool cocktails and perfect pizza? Well, aside from our favourite night out, it’s all on offer at Rumah Birkdale, the effortlessly cool bar and kitchen in Birkdale Village. 

It’s fair to say that away from Southport’s main streets and the Waterfront, Birkdale Village is fast becoming one of our favourite go-to spot for food and drinks. And that’s in large thanks to places like Rumah, which means home in Indonesian. 

Then again, you know you’re going to get a good time when Rumah takes its inspiration from Bali. The Instagram-perfect holiday destination is known for its laidback charm, and Rumah has that in abundance. 

While the food might be described as imaginative and high end - check out the pancetta, hibachi pineapple and crackling dust pizza for tasty proof - the atmosphere is laidback and casual. That’s largely due to the interior which permanently creates a beach bar at sunset vibe, all dusky tones, soft lighting and two outdoor spaces. 

Time it right and get your own summer sunset, accompanied by a top-of-the-line cocktail and a selection of sharing plates, and you could almost fool yourself you were in Bali. Albeit a Bali stuffed with local accents! 

Rumah is the brainchild of owners Ian Smith and Ian Lawless.  They’ve worked with creative interior, food and drink experts to bring the chic designs, adventurous tastes and stunning aromas from Bali to this new venture. 

“Rumah has taken us years to develop. I fell in love with the beautiful island of Bali years ago. It’s so enchanting; with restaurants full of fresh and tasty food served with warmth and an unmatched hospitality. Our goal is to recreate a little bit of Bali here in Birkdale and we can’t wait to welcome you to have a quiet daytime coffee, a lunch with friends or an evening cocktail. Cheers – or as they say in Bali – tepuk tangan!”

Ian Smith

Rumah translates to home in Indonesian, and designer Chris Naughton from Sheila Bird has created a space that is welcoming and homely, together with the vibrant colours and textures of Indonesia. 

There are several bands and DJs playing on rotation across the month, Whats On Southport caught up with one their residents Adam Rynhart . Adams sets are always very vocal and consist of Soulful, Afro and Deep House. You can check out one of Adam's sets below.

Heres a small clip of one of the bands that played there recently Little Wing & Mike Smith

If you’re craving a bit of South East Asian food, then you’ll feel right at home at Rumah. If you would like to make a reservation at Rumah you can call them on 01704568877 or online via Res Diary

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