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So Which Southport Beer Garden Will You Visit First?

Ooooohhhh so we could be drinking a cold pint or tall gin in a beer garden (if the sun comes back out) in just a matter of weeks as Boris Johnson has earmarked June 22 as the date when pubs and restaurants across the nation could be allowed to reopen, it was claimed today. 

The Prime Minister is believed to be keen to accelerate the easing of lockdown after he was warned prolonging the shutdown of the hospitality sector could cost more than three million jobs. 

It is thought that pubs and restaurants may be permitted to welcome back patrons in just two weeks' time, although they will only be allowed to serve customers "outdoors". Now sadly we don't have any massive beer gardens in our town but here's a few that hopefully will be open very soon.....

Allotment Birkdale

Barrique Birkdale

The Lakeside Inn

Remedy Southport

The Bold Hotel

The Guelder Rose

Rumah Birkdale

The Victoria

The Crown Birkdale

The Richmond

The Park

Hickorys SmokeHouse

Now we don't know just yet which venues will be opening later this month or if indeed it is worth them opening if they can only cater for a few customers at a time but nevertheless the news of reducing restrictions on our beloved hospitality sector is a positive step forward.

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