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Theres A Disco In A Book Shop This Weekend

Over the last 2 years there's been a series of intimate underground parties at a shop on Lord Street the likes of what you would only find in a major city, were a group of like minded friends would gather under a massive mirror ball and dance the night away for the love of house music, surrounded by 50,000+ books! Ladies & Gentleman we give you Audio Book.....

So whose playing this Friday? The Patchouli Brothers play raw & eclectic disco, house, jazz-funk, soul, and world sounds. They first began throwing parties in an Albanian dive bar in Toronto's east end, but have gone on to grace the stage at a spectrum of the city's establishments, and have played parties from California to Amsterdam.

They hold down a residency at a rotating disco jam called Beam Me Up. The Brothers have multiple residences in Toronto & Montreal, and have played alongside Horse Meat Disco, Joey Negro, John Morales, Psychemagik, Tom Noble, Tim Zawada, Al Kent. Their rework discography includes releases for Basic Fingers, BBE, Whiskey Disco, Star Creature, Mareh Music, GAMM & Kojak Giant Sounds.

Footage from a previous Audio Book event..

For all the negativity & lies of modern day social media, there is an equal story of connectivity. The Patchouli Brothers playing Audio Book is a lovely example of that. Their new Canadian friends reached out through Instagram & asked to play the book shop disco with real enthusiasm. This was felt & met with equal measure, 3 weeks later Parkinsons Books is preparing it's self for another music event & a UK Debut performance.

Solid gold edits, dropped in their sets or on wax, these guys are setting themselves a very high standard & have the potential to be very big on the scene, with key admirers on their friend's list. Come closing time, The Patchouli Brothers will be leaving with 60+ new friends from Southport.

Support from Andy Parkinson...

Support from Martin Day...

Support from Alex Hibbard...

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