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TOWN DEAL SUGGESTION. Lakeside Hospitality Village Anyone? Have Your Say.....

Local residents are being asked how they would most like to spend up to £25million Government funding to regenerate our town. But just what is the Southport Town Deal? 

Andrew Brown of 'Stand Up For Southport' says...'Our town has been given the opportunity to access millions of pounds of funding as part of the Town Deal Fund initiative. The Town Deal Fund seeks local communities to determine how the money should be spent to boost growth, through innovative regeneration plans.

The Southport Town Deal Board, convened by Sefton Council, has been working to develop the investment plan and engage with local residents to ensure the benefits of the Fund reach everyone. The Board comprises a range of industry leaders from both the public and private sectors, including some of the most prominent and successful businesses and key organisations in Southport.

To encourage our readers to submit ideas and to have a think about what they would like to see happen in our town we wanted to show you what the Whats On Southport TV team have come up with which is the Marine Lake North 'Hospitality Village'. Whilst the suggestion of coloured fountains in the lake has already been mentioned, what better way to watch them than in a row of cafes / restaurants on a promenade next to the waters edge.

We believe such a village would be a massive pull for tourists and residents a-like, coupled with a boat taxi to add to the experience or a peaceful walk around the lake home to burn off some calories from the meal you just ate. Whilst there are some amazing restaurants in our town we believe one thing that is missing is a strong restaurant with a 'large' outdoor terrace with an amazing view over water.

This would be a great addition to Southport's hospitality sector and encourage more people to come into the town and would be a firm favourite for anyone visiting. We believe it would massively encourage daytime dining especially if it was a rain or shine destination due to a covered terrace.

Thats us throwing our penny in to the Town Deal suggestion pot, we massively urge our readers to come up with some ideas also. Consultation on the draft Vision and the big Ideas for Southport will run from Monday 29th June until Monday 20th July – local residents, businesses and visitors are invited to provide their comments online at

Mark Pickup


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