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BREAKING: Venues Told No Music Allowed When Reopening Next Week!

So a further set back to the enetrtainment industry this morning as the govt have just announced that it wil be some time before we are allowed on a dance floor listening to DJs / bands. Whilst our beloved hospitality sector is about to slowly wake up into the new norm it seems there wont be any entertainment allowed for now.

Whilst we get that festivals & large event gatherings shouldnt be allowed, why cant a DJ provide background music to a venues beer garden for example, carefully managed by the GM. Just a DJ being there increases a venues abience and entices patrons to stay longer, spending more money, something venues are massively in need of right now.

Even a live DJ stream from the resident into the venue on a screen would do for now, atleast this would give the DJ some income during this period if it was live and the staff making sure no one is dancing and the volume is kept low.

More from the govt.....

Keeping workers and customers safe during COVID-19 in restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services COVID-19 secure guidance for employers, employees and the self- employed 23 June 2020

Objective: To maintain social distancing when providing entertainment within or outside restaurants, pubs, bars and similar venues that serve food or drink.

For many restaurants, pubs and bars, providing entertainment such as recorded music, live sports broadcasts, quizzes, live musicians or comedians are an important part of their business.

At this time, venues should not permit live performances, including drama, comedy and music, to take place in front of a live audience. This is important to mitigate the risks of aerosol transmission - from either the performer(s) or their audience. There will be further guidance setting out how performing arts activity can be managed safely in other settings, for instance rehearsing or broadcast without an audience.

All venues should ensure that steps are taken to avoid people needing to unduly raise their voices to each other. This includes, but is not limited to, refraining from playing music or broadcasts that may encourage shouting, including if played at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult. This is because of the potential for increased risk of transmission, particularly from aerosol transmission. We will develop further guidance, based on scientific evidence, to enable these activities as soon as possible. You should take similar steps to prevent other close contact activities, such as communal dancing.

Determining the viability of entertainment and maximum audience numbers consistent with social distancing outside and within venues and other safety considerations. Preventing entertainment, such as broadcasts, that is likely to encourage audience behaviours increasing transmission risk. For example, loud background music, communal dancing, group singing or chanting.

Reconfiguring indoor entertainment spaces to ensure customers are seated rather than standing. For example, repurposing dance floors for customer seating. Encouraging use of online ticketing and online or contactless payments for entertainment where possible.Communicating clearly to customers the arrangements for entertainment and clearly supervising with additional staff if appropriate.

It looks like thats it for DJs / bands for the summmer, hopefully if a second spike doesnt happen this may change.


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