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Southport Skate Park To Get Resurfaced

A local campaign to resurface the Southport Skate Park has been successful and work looks to start next month, Mike Marsh who spearheaded a petition which gained 1,000 signatures said "Fearless Ramps messaged me this morning to say they have had the order to resurface the whole of Southport skatepark, YES I mean the whole of Southport skatepark words don’t express how happy I am right now and how much I have appreciated everyone’s support in this amazing community I would like to say a special thank you to Daniel Stark the original creator of Southport skatepark, Cassie James at Mighty Radio and Sean Halsall from the local labour council, these 3 wonderful people have really made things go faster and supported this so so much. thank you we really do appreciate everything fearless ramps plan on being down in 6 weeks to start the work but this could be slightly delayed due to the current Covid situation but rest assured the work will be done and done by the most professional company around The council has also informed me to ask everyone to please stay of the skatepark until the work has been finished as it’s not fit for use. Thank you everyone

We look forward to checking out the resurfaced skate park soon.

Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 10.37.58.png
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